Interwoven through the eye of the needle

Artist statement


There is this secretive sweet smell surrounding you, luring you in, attracting you to my artwork. One might already have ambiguous expectations; could be something really luscious and delicate. Getting closer to the source of the smell, there is this rather uncanny world, but still appealing. Overcoming with a contradicting sensation, an eagerness to touch the elements. A compulsion to have a bodily experience. Once one does this, again not all is what one would expect it to be.



As an artist, I am following the way the material wants me to go. Yet through manipulation the material is framed by my hands. Creating an installation is like creating one big playground for me and in this playground, I aim to stimulate all the senses. While one is experiencing my installation, the expectations are constantly changing.



Therefore, by taking part in the installation one is not just a viewer. However, one becomes a moving element. Everything in the artwork is important, since everything is part of everything. Everyone is part of the artwork and the artwork is part of us.



Frenske Jansen