You enter a square dimmed space, which is lighted with a warm spot. White walls from 2,7 meters high and a cold gray concrete floor from 4 by 4 meters. There are multiple skin toned drips hanging from the ceiling. The drips look caught in a protective skin. Once you come closer, the space starts to feel more chilly and suddenly you walk in to a cold soft drip. The further you walk trough the drips, the more you will feel them. Avoiding them is not possible. The drips dance around you while you are making a dance through them. Once you leave this world of drips, they will keep dancing until they find peace again.

A memory from a long time ago, the only thing left is a photograph. A photograph of me in my yellow coat and my dad in his red coat on the beach. My parents used to take me there every week and if they would let go of my hand I would run of in the sea. This memory makes me happy and I made a sculpture symbolizing my dad and me. I took the sculpture to the original place of the photograph, Hargen aan zee, and filmed how we walked on the beach.

The cycle of life captured in a stop-motion.