Upcoming exhibitions

Bierumer School


Physical works in image and deed; pur, latex, teabags and more.

Half of February I will be exhibiting in the Bierumer School for 2 months. More information will follow.

MOAM x Paradiso

For the first time ever, Paradiso opens their doors for 24 hours, on the 13th September. This year Paradiso celebrates their 50th anniversary, the perfect occasion for a multidisciplinary exposition, talks and a party organized by MOAM.


Twenty-five young artists exhibit their work inspired by the concerts, the history and the highlights of the pop temple. Art, creative expression and freedom. Sex, drugs & rock 'n roll of the year 2018!


The authentic history of Paradiso will be the focus on Thursday 13 September. For Already half a century, the Amsterdam stage has been the platform for young talent, creative expression, debate and experiments.


MOAM offers 25 young talents the stage of Paradiso. To give them the oppurtunity to create art in complete creative freedom, inspired by Paradiso in its widest sense. These diverse and unique works will be exhibited for 24 hours throughout the building; from the iconic balcony to the entrance and from the wild basement to the legendary stage: art everywhere.


MOAM will also host different talks in cooperation with MTV about music, youth culture, sex and Amsterdam. After the exposition, MOAM celebrates Paradiso's anniversary party with everyone: sex, drugs & rock 'n roll of the year 2018.


Both paradiso and MOAM in collaboration with MTV offer young talent a platform. The two combine their powers for this unique event where creativity, diversity and sex come together.

Headliners - Graduation show 2018

The finals of Academy Minerva are almost there! All the bachelors and master students will be exhibiting. I am graduating as well and will participate in the finals exhibition Headliners in the characteristic building of the former Suikerfrabriek in Groningen. The exhibition opening is 23th of June, make sure you are there. If you cannot make it on the opening, the exhibition will last untill 28th of June.

Groningen Bienale #LEMON

This year there is also a Bienale in Groningen at USVA. It will be an exhibition with very diverse work of artists in different mediums. The opening will be on the 5th of February at 5 pm. The rest of the week you can also visit the exhibition; Tuesday and Wednesday from 09:00 -  23:00, Thursday from 17:00 - 23:00 and on Friday from 9:00 - 20:00. On Friday there will also be a small finisage at the end of the exhibition.